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Victoria Beckham shows us that one-size content, doesn't fit all

This week, Victoria Beckham showed up on my Facebook feed fronting a new campaign for British Airways. The Q&A with Victoria is part of BA’s new Make Your 2017 #unforgettable campaign which sees Victoria “open up” about family, flying and her ambitions for the future.

In truth, I expected to see a whole load of negative comments and angry faces in reaction to the video. But actually, aside from a couple of angry faces, so far, it’s all love and thumbs up. Which is refreshing, as typically Victoria gets a hard time. Especially it would seem, from other women.

It was obvious to me that this content had been carefully targeted. I am a full-time working mum with four kids who likes travel. I also happen to rate Victoria Beckham.

So feeling curious, I Googled BA, Victoria and Unforgettable and saw that the Daily Mail had also covered her involvement in the campaign. Well, you can imagine the comments that accompanied the story. All negative and all very, very mean spirited.

It’s early days for this video and the campaign of course, but it is a great example of the fact some content is just not meant for some audiences. Selecting the right influencer and creating great content is obviously critical, but so is selecting, or in this case avoiding, specific channels.

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