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Bever Wins With Words

One of the perks of living in the Netherlands is the ability to bike to work every day. It is environmentally and economically more efficient, and ensures we get at least a little exercise every day. The one down side is that we very rarely listen to the radio any more.

So when we recently started commuting by car to a new client, we were surprised to discover a brilliant radio ad from Bever, a Dutch retailer specializing in outdoor clothing and equipment.

Radio ads are difficult to get right. More than any other advertising medium, they depend on great copy. And, unfortunately, in a world dominated by visual imagery, copy doesn’t get the time and attention it deserves.

The right words can evoke emotion, change perception, and inspire action. They can grab attention and garner awards.

But great copy alone doesn’t lead to great results. Words need to be grounded in strategy. They need to help brands move forward and achieve the goals of today and the ambitions of tomorrow.

Which is what makes the Bever campaign so impressive. Wanting to expand its customer base beyond outdoor fanatics, Bever reminds us all that “Not everyone is an outdoorsman. But, no one, is an indoors man.” It continues by saying, “Do what you want, but do it outside. Because every time you’ve been outside, you’ll feel a little better on the inside.”

Not only is it a clever play on words, but it is also a compelling way to execute its Marketing strategy. It is a campaign which people will remember for its creativity, and which effectively makes the brand relevant to a new target audience.

At Big M, we believe in the magical power of copy. We help develop brand strategies, and then bring them to life both internally and externally with compelling communications.

If your brand could benefit from using the right words, please get in touch.

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