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Why is business language so boring? Does your business have a vibrant verbal identity?

Words are so powerful.

The right words can make a mundane Monday morning, magical. They can change minds, move masses, inspire, delight and encourage. They can make us laugh and make us cry.

Words are alive. They snap and crackle and pop. They breathe life into our ideas and make brands come alive.

So why is it that business language is so utterly boring. So lifeless, limiting and lackluster. Why is it that companies choose to sound just like everybody else and use the same tired words over and over again?

As a word lover, it pains me to see how little attention is paid to verbal identity, or the personality that comes across when we write and speak. So much content is created that is frankly bland and boring and completely lacking in personality.

There are very few companies who have really nailed their brand personality and tone of voice and use it consistently to stand out and connect. And it’s such a waste. Every email, post, web page or update, however small, is an opportunity to evoke an emotion and create a brand connection.

Creating a strong verbal identity should be the foundation for every brand. Get it right and your words will make you stand out from all the tedious, tiresome, trite that surrounds you.

Big M helps brands develop vibrant verbal identities. If your words are sounding a bit lackluster, do get in touch.

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