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Forget New Year’s resolutions, does your business have a mantra?

No one keeps resolutions. But a mantra, now that is something different.

A mantra is simple. Its singular. It doesn’t require giving up or doing without. It's enriching and powerful, capable of giving you a gentle nudge, when you need it, to keep on track.

“Mantra" is a Sanskrit term, meaning "sacred utterance" or "sacred thought," depending on the dictionary. Traditionally concentration aids given by Hindu gurus to devotees, mantras are words or phrases repeated to facilitate transformation.

And we believe that a mantra works just as well in the world of work.

Don't think of a mantra as some lofty mission statement cooked up on some leadership away day. A mantra is more fundamental. Think of it more as your brand’s rallying cry, its guiding star or a motto to work by everyday.

“Be brave.”

“Be relentless.”

“Do what you love.”

“Play nice."

“No fear.”

Or what about "Think different." Or "Don't be evil."

Big M is helping companies find their rallying cry. So, does your business have a mantra?

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