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Are the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing really immutable?

In I993 Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote the 22 Immutable Law of Marketing. Immutable laws – i.e. laws that cannot be changed over time.

Al and Jack were widely regarded as the Marketing strategists of their day. Their books still top “must-read” Marketing book lists and are still standard reading for many students of Marketing.

But can laws defined 23 years ago still be relevant today? Certainly Al and Jack couldn’t have predicted how the world of Marketing would change over the years. But have these changing had any impact on the 22 definitive rules that Al and Jack believed would govern the world of Marketing forever.

We at Big M Marketing decided to find out.

So we set ourselves the challenge, to investigate each of the 22 Immutable Laws to see if they are, in fact, immutable. Every week we will evaluate a law and give our verdict.

Stay tuned.

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