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Thanks Zilveren Kruis! Finally an insurance company who delivers on its brand promise  …

Insurance companies don’t always get the best of write-ups. But recently the actions of one individual at my own insurance company blew me away, both professionally and personally.

Let’s be honest, all too often companies have lofty brand propositions that rarely get translated into action in the real world. Not so for my insurer Zilveren Kruis. My insurer prides itself on “actions, not just words” and from my experience, I would say its employees do a pretty good job of bringing that brand promise to life.

Let me explain.

Last week my 10-month old daughter became ill and had to be admitted to hospital for a few days. A stressful time all round. Especially when the hospital administrator came to see me to say that it appeared that my daughter was not insured.

A quick call to Zilveren Kruis confirmed she wasn’t technically insured (she is our fourth child if that is any excuse!) But we were told not to worry, immediate action would be taken to ensure we were covered. And action was taken by Zilveren Kruis, right away.

A few days later, Scarlett, my daughter, received a card through the post from Henriette, an employee at Zilveren Kruis. Henriette had taken the time to hand write a note to Scarlett to say she was happy Scarlett was home again. She also took the time to reassure mum and dad that she had taken action to ensure Scarlett was insured and we were not to worry.

We were touched and impressed. Henriette didn’t have to write a card as I also got “official” paperwork from Zilveren Kruis through the mail. But her actions left us feeling incredibly well looked after.

So hats off to Zilveren Kruis for empowering at least one of its employees to practice what it preaches. Good job Henriette, that’s the way to do it.

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