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Marketing gets a low rating at the BBC

Last week it was reported that a “management reshuffle” at the BBC, resulted in Marketing no longer having a place at the top table. Now, we don’t know the ins and outs of the situation, but it does seem rather odd to leave Marketing out of the executive team.

Marketing shouldn’t be sidelined. Marketing should be right at the core of everything an organisation does and says. The CMO shouldn’t be given a back seat, he or she, should be right at the centre of everything. Because it is the CMO’s role to ensure there is a seamless brand experience across all touch points and across the entire organisation from the IT department to customer care, to finance and to HR.

So in our view, the CMO has to be in the boardroom because he or she is the conductor of the entire show. So it’s a shame the BBC seems to be OK with Marketing merely playing the second fiddle.

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