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What Marketing Skills Will You Need Most in the Future?

So what skills will CMOs be looking for in the Marketing stars of the future? Big data? Social? Anything digital right?

Well yes, sort of.

It goes without saying that companies need to invest in digital skills. And if you look at the sheer volume of digital Marketing courses on offer today, you might be forgiven for thinking that “digital” is the only skill you really need.

However, according to “Marketing 2020” research conducted by Millward Brown Vermeer amongst global CEOs and CMOs, it is “foundational capabilities” that are actually deemed to be of the highest priority. “Consumer understanding”, “brand positioning” and “brand strategy” were in fact top of the ‘must-have’ skills for the future list. Brand positioning and brand strategy skills over-indexed as both important and urgent.

So, instead of training an entire Marketing team to be more digitally savvy, perhaps the emphasis should be on training an entire Marketing team to be more Marketing savvy.

At Big M Marketing we would advocate that everyone in the Marketing team should be able to apply the fundamentals of Marketing to everything they do. Regardless of role or level. Without knowledge of the absolute basics, “who are we targeting” and “what is our purpose,” your Marketing team is probably burning time and money on activities that will make absolutely no impact to your business.

If you would like to discuss building your Marketing skills for the future, then please get in touch.

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