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Are you a Big M Marketing thinker?

Whether you're a startup or a more established business, building a team capable of taking your Marketing to the next level can be a challenge.

While there is no one-size fits all solution, one thing is absolutely critical. Everyone, and we mean everyone, should be completely in sync about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Which sounds pretty obvious, but we are amazed at how many people in Marketing departments operate in isolation, disconnected from the overall mission of Marketing.

We believe Marketing can have a much bigger impact if everyone on the team is a Big M Marketing thinker.

If you were to ask everyone on your team these questions, would they all (honestly) be able to answer yes?

  • Do you understand how your activities contribute to our overall business goals

  • Do you know why our brand exists?

  • Do use that brand positioning as a basis for all your decision making?

If you would like to discuss how your team could better bring your brand to life, consistently across every touchpoint, then please get in touch.

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